You Know You Need a Vacation…When You Look Forward To Your Colonoscopy!


I’m so excited for tomorrow. I get to take a day and a half off work to have a colonoscopy! I’m not joking. I really am thrilled to have a reason to lay in bed and do nothing all day. Well, for part of the day, I might not exactly be laying comfortably. It did get me thinking that I really need a vacation! If fact, there’s been quite a few signs for me throughout the years as a sleep deprived, working momma that I greatly needed a break.

Here’s my Top 10 Signs You Need a Vacation:

  1. You desperately look forward to colonoscopies, gall bladder surgery, hysterectomies for a little down time with no guilt!
  2. You oddly find your bra or your cell phone in the fridge. Oops. Perhaps you were multi-tasking 😉
  3. When reading an old fashioned paper book, you tap the side of the page repeatedly or swipe it to make it turn. And then get slightly frustrated at the book!?!
  4. You find yourself jamming out to Kids Bop, The Wiggles, Disney songs in the car….yikes, and the kids are not even with you.
  5. When you accidentally use Vaginex instead of toothpaste. Yes, I did. I don’t recommend this…majorly numbs the taste buds!
  6. When you realize in the produce section that you’re in your holey pajamas because you just don’t care anymore. I think I was a sleep deprived mom with 2 kids in diapers and was just thrilled to be in the store by myself!
  7. When you end up driving to the soccer fields or to work….when it’s Sunday evening… and you were supposed to be on your way to get groceries.
  8. When you get out of the shower and can’t recall if you used any soap or shampoo. Oh well. Hopefully you can remember deodorant. I keep some in my car and at work 🙂
  9. Your kids are gone for the night and you horrifically find yourself watching Full House. This one is the scariest.
  10. You think about how quickly time passes and how important your loved ones are to you. Yes, I think spending some time relaxing and enjoying my family is a must!


4 Replies to “You Know You Need a Vacation…When You Look Forward To Your Colonoscopy!”

  1. Love your blog. I enjoyed the anesthesia my previous procedures. But this year they didn’t tell me in time that I would be getting sleepy and I wasn’t prepared for that few second drift away feeling and just totally missed it.

  2. Lol – really laughing because I have one coming up soon! I anticipate really good rest afterward!
    Good luck!

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