Forget Photo Filters, Try Blue or Green or Rose Colored Glasses

Today I wore new sunglasses. For those that know me, I rarely wear sunglasses much less with bling, but I live in Florida and sometimes they are a necessary evil. Wearing this pair makes me smile though, in a “I’m totally laughing at myself” kind of way. I’m lucky my kids don’t mind–but only if I wear them in the car ?.

These sunglasses remind me of my grandmother. She used to have the coolest pair…you know the ones with those giant changeable colored lenses from the 70’s? I would have to fight with my sisters over who got to wear them. It was just magical to see the world through different rose, blue, green and yellow lenses.

Nowadays, we don’t look through colorful lenses while we experience life. Instead we look for moments to capture in a picture and post on social media only to put a colored filter or crop out our bodies. I think I’d rather live my life fully in the moment and not worry so much about posting evidence or filtering the reality. Maybe in shades of blue or green or rose. How about you?

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  1. I have to comment on social media photos. I have seen some candid photos of myself after I had been working (and sweating) and my once beautifully coiffed hair was flat and with dry frizzy ends. I cringe when I see them posted on FB and I didn’t have time to primp before the shot was taken. Then I started to realize that this way I looked at that moment and it shouldn’t matter to me. I used look for the best angle or exclaim “no, wait til I comb my hair and apply lipstick!”. Sometimes I just cropped out a fat arm or two. I’m trying to be more at ease at looking my worse without criticism and wearing rose colored glasses while experiencing the moment!

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