Approaching Mindfulness at 120mph!

Five things I learned while belly to the earth.

  1. Free falling at 120mph forces you to be completely in the moment. Talk about being mindful! There is no time to think, reflect or feel fear. As the rush of cold air hits your face, an exhilarating few seconds of complete freedom engulfs you. It was in this moment, I felt complete peace and successfully arrived at full mindfulness.
  2. It is possible to be smothered by your own breasts! When the parachute opened I was shocked to experience the full force of wind resistance pushing my bosom up against my nostrils. Oh my gosh, I panicked, I was about to be suffocated to death by my big boobs. Helpful hint: If you’re above a D cup, wear a good sports bra!
  3. Everything down below looks so small and insignificant (that’s what she said). The worries, fears and daily stresses don’t seem that big or important from 10,000 feet above. A wonderful reminder to keep perspective and look at the big picture.
  4. Life is good until you get motion sickness and blow chunks onto your instructor’s face. Oops. And I even took Dramamine! Well, we did just share an intimate moment together. Seems only fitting that I spill my guts too since without vulnerability, there is no intimacy.
  5. In a span of 5 minutes, I experienced one of my coolest life changing moments. Another reminder to slow down, stop, breathe and be in the moment. Life happens in a blur, as we rush around hustling to reach the next goal. I don’t have to sky dive to slow down and feel the wind on my face!

14 Replies to “Approaching Mindfulness at 120mph!”

  1. I am laughing, crying and applauding your bravery, all at the same time. I live this blog already! I cannot wait to read your next post. Can I be a guest contributor?

    1. Thanks Dena…and absolutely on being a co-conspirator! I have no clue how to set that all up but I’m sure we can figure it out!

  2. Awesome! Love it! Did you really puke? OMG! I look forward to the day where I throw caution to the wind without any reservation/apprehension/fear. I was always one for roller coasters and excitement. I miss it! Thanks for sharing. ~ Crys

    1. I did throw up on the way down…it was a little embarrassing! And you’re getting there!!

  3. Love every thing about this! You’re on your way! Maybe some day I’ll muster the courage to ‘fly’! Love and miss you!

  4. Love. Love. Love. All of this. The musings. The lessons. The openness. Talk about courage. We’re bloggers. Like legit bloggers. Glad to know your brave soul! And PS – finding that little girl again. Priceless.

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